Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Super 8" review

Science Fiction Movie from Paramount Pictures.

Well, I just watched it last night with my family. I don't personally think that was a good idea, but it was a good movie. Super 8 is a movie about a kid and his friends who are making a zombie movie for a Super 8 film contest. Not sure what it is, I'm pretty sure its a type of camera. Anyway, movie starts out-say I should probably mention here-THIS PARTICULAR REVIW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS-with a guy taking down the sign for DAYS WITHOUT ACCIDENTS 798 replaced with 1. Depressing beginning. Kid is shown on a swingset, goes inside its a funeral. Well he dosen't but the camera does...Anyway as the movie progresses the following things happen:

Train Crash
Mysterious Cubes
Evil Monkey Spider Giant

It is staged in the '70's and seems like it was made then also, but not special effects wise. I bet noone will ever read this. Hm. Well my writing is kinda crappy atm.

Storyline: ***** exellant storyline
Special Effects: ****0- they use cgi and shadows. its good, but i can see the flaws...
Parental Warnings: ****0- LOTS of swearing, and drug use. its the seventies
Overall: ***** awesome movie

Saturday, November 26, 2011

"Last Stand: Union City" Review

2D Flashplayer Game From Armor Games and Con Artist Games.

Okay, I'm just gonna write this one as I play. I've played this game many times before, I'm just using it as my first review thats all. Oh wait, I don't own anything I review. Unless I finish that novel I'm working on. Other than that, I own nothing except an account or a copy of the book. I hope I got that right. On to the review.

Started game. There are two modes, "Run and Gun" mode, which has a small note "Easy/Normal Mode"; and "Survivor", which has a "Hard Mode" note. I selected Hard. You first have to allow access to your computer, which I have done. You can custimize his looks, and his stats. If you select "Custom Class", you can custimize your character in whichever way you want, but there are multiple classes to choose from already, Soldier, Worker, etc. In custom the layout is as follows.

Strength       -5+
Precision      -5+
Intellect        -5+
Endurance   -5+
Luck            -5+

you can raise or lower the level here, and you are given 10 extra points to use. I am gonna try and even it all out, with each skill at 7.
Next Screen is "Skills", less important ones. Sorta. You have Four Fields; Strength, Endurance, Precision, and Intellect, and each of those has several sub-sections. Str has 2, blunts and blades, representing the two type of melee weapons. Endurance has 2 as well, Fitness and Survival, for your athletic abilities and your abilities to conserve your strength, respectively.  Precision has 4, all ment for guns, Pistols, Long Guns (shotguns), Automatics (machineguns and submachineguns), and Special Weapons (RPGs, grenades, grenade launchers, etc). Intellect also has 4 subsections, Smarts (lowers the amount of money you pay for items, as well as how much xp you get), Security (how well you pick locks), First Aid (Increases the benefit you get from healing objects), and Searching (how much you find when you search). You add ten points to each 13-marked section, and have 4 points to spend. It makes perfect scence. I have it set for Blunt, Survival, Pistols, and Searching.

OOh nice cinematics. an iphone. HOLY CRAP! I JUST HIT SOMEONE! Its a zombie if you walk back to look at it. Ok walking with wasd controls. shift is run. s is crouch, w is jump. look around with mouse. click to shoot. or in this case punch when you start. I will ad stuff to this post every few minutes until I finish the game. R is reload your gun. Tab is open inventory, and there are buttons on the bottom of the game. E is look, enter, or open, or walk up stairs, or enter the map. F is flashlight. Spacebar is shove. A picture of a house and an arrow is a safehouse apparently.


There are quests, xp, and lots of weapons as the game progresses. There are trophies, and xp rewards with them. I don't want to spoil the storyline though.


Okay... at level 8 my computer came across a bug in the game (slow script) so I started over.

Here's my final review.

Storyline: ****0: good storyline, excellant plot.
Playability: ****0: Save game, easy to play, few bugs.
Parental Warnings: ***00: Blood and Gore, though its all 2d and cartoonish. A little disturbing.
Overall: ****0: Pretty Good.


What this will be about

Ok, so I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly, but I thought why not make it. I've been thinking about making it all month, so I thought I'd do it. Make it. Whatever. Sentence fragmant. Big deal. Anyway, every week I will post a few reviews on Science Fiction and Fantasy novels, movies, games, stuff like that. Of course, I only have a limited amount of books and movies to watch and read, and I don't have a high-quality game system, and I have a Macintosh, so this will be a rather...focused? Is that the right word? Limited? Ahem. Well, I mean that I won't be reviewing anything like Halo 4 or Modern Warfare 3, which both count as Science Fiction. Modern Warfare 3 counts cuz it falls in the...ok maybe not. And I might review it cuz a friend of mine is getting it for Christmas. As you might have guessed by the previous paragraph, I am a 15 year old guy from Vermont. But I will attempt to do my best. It seems there isn't a spell check here. I like that. Hm. I guess I'll start a review then. I hope this actually posts. Cuz I just started this. I will review things like...Last Stand Union City. Flash Player game. Its an RPG sorta thing. GOOOOOD game.