Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Super 8" review

Science Fiction Movie from Paramount Pictures.

Well, I just watched it last night with my family. I don't personally think that was a good idea, but it was a good movie. Super 8 is a movie about a kid and his friends who are making a zombie movie for a Super 8 film contest. Not sure what it is, I'm pretty sure its a type of camera. Anyway, movie starts out-say I should probably mention here-THIS PARTICULAR REVIW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS-with a guy taking down the sign for DAYS WITHOUT ACCIDENTS 798 replaced with 1. Depressing beginning. Kid is shown on a swingset, goes inside its a funeral. Well he dosen't but the camera does...Anyway as the movie progresses the following things happen:

Train Crash
Mysterious Cubes
Evil Monkey Spider Giant

It is staged in the '70's and seems like it was made then also, but not special effects wise. I bet noone will ever read this. Hm. Well my writing is kinda crappy atm.

Storyline: ***** exellant storyline
Special Effects: ****0- they use cgi and shadows. its good, but i can see the flaws...
Parental Warnings: ****0- LOTS of swearing, and drug use. its the seventies
Overall: ***** awesome movie

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